Energex meter locks & keys

As authorised Energex locksmiths we are able to supply locks & keys on the Energex meter key system that will allow meter readers access to your meter box without having to leave gates or meter boxes unlocked and potential targets for vandalism or malicious activity.

To begin this process you will need to provide an electricity bill for the premises which you require the lock for. This is required as your new lock will be logged against this for future reference and security measures.

What you will recieve is an Energex authorised master keyed lock or cylinder that will allow your individual key as well as the meter reader master key to operate the lock. For security purposes your individual key will not operate other Energex locks, nor will other Energex individual keys operate your locks. They will be solely accessible by you (and whomever you may supply individual keys to) and an authorised Energex contractor or employee.

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Energex Locks